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If there’s one thing we all hate it’s SPIDERS! Not just the spiders, even the sight of a web is enough have me looking around frantically for its inhabitant, cringing in the corner. Trying to convince my kids to go back into a room after sighting a now invisible wolf spider let’s face it is no easy task (especially when mum’s pushing shaking at the knees trying to act brave).

Don’t get me wrong all creatures great and small have a place in the world just not in my house and not in my yard – and the car, please not in the car. Having to park my car outside the garage I am often seen poking my side mirrors with a big stick trying to extract a big hairy eight legged thing so it doesn’t attempt a carjacking when I wind the window down.

This is the time of year when everything in life is procreating and growing at an alarming rate so you’re going to start noticing them everywhere. There’s only one way to control spiders and general insect type pests and that’s to get them professionally sprayed. I’m sure I’ve tried every other method trust me and it’s just not worth it.

In a country where almost everything is trying to kill you or at least remove a chunk of you, you’re always best to get the professional help you need and take care of the problem in a holistic way. Spraying anything once it’s inside and established is just a little late, the best method is to get your whole property sprayed and protected for the long term so that you can at least sleep at night.

There are great benefits to living in tight knit communities like Ipswich. Before I moved all the neighbours in the street used to get together and have our homes sprayed at the same time on the same day or within days of each other to eradicate problem pests on an even larger scale. Think about it if your neighbour sprays to protect their home, where are those pests going to go?

Why not get together with your neighbours this week and arrange a quote from Prevent a Pest. Appreciate the blossoms of spring time instead of the webs! Call (07) 3201 1425


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